Olympic Solidarity met online with the National Federations of the ISMF on 19 May 2022


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Lausanne/Mondovì, 30 May 2022 – Olympic Solidarity met online the ISMF National Federations (NFs) on 19 May 2022, following the fruitful contacts between the ISMF and the IOC. The aim of Olympic Solidarity is to provide assistance to all National Olympic Committees (NOCs) for athlete development programmes, in particular those with the greatest needs of it.

Mrs. Regula Meier ISMF President opened the conference thanking the collaboration and availability of Olympic Solidarity, the presence of the representatives of the NFs and a special welcome to the Ukrainian Mountaineering and Climbing Federation and its President.

Sheila Stephens Desbans, Head of Sport Development Unit and Marc Faraci, Programs Manager, explained the support provided through Olympic Solidarity to National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and how they work in cooperation with the IFs to best collaborate with the National Federations (NFs).

They provided an overview of the specific programmes that NFs should understand and how to work with their NOCs, plus the importance of preparing a strategic plan and a long-term approach to working within their national sport system.

A great participation with 19 member Federations with a total of 32 attendees actively interacted with the Olympic Solidarity delegates who focused the debate on and the importance of the collaboration and good relationships with the NOC of the relevant country and the opportunities that exist and how to access these through the NOCs when possible.

Anyone interested could find more information in the leaflets of the Olympic Solidarity downloadable here in three languages.


Jordi Canals, General Secretary, jcanals[at]

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