Medical Commission

Medical commission

TUE Committee President ISMF

MONTANI, Giovanni


Giovanni Montani is a M.D. Ph.D. in Sports and Legal Medicine. He is ITA-NADO’s accredited Doping Control Officier and member of FISI Medical Commission since 1995. He has been antidoping Manager in FIS Nordic World Championships Fiemme since 2003. He has been Medical Supervisor in Antidoping Controls in several national and international competitions in winter sports held in Italy since 1995.

Medical Commission Coordinator

DUPONT, Pierre


Since 1980, Pierre Dupont has joined the military academy of high mountain of Chamonix (France). In 1994, with some friends he created a ski mountaineering race, the «Ubaye». He became a member of the FFME in 2001 and in 2007 was elected president of the club «Team Ecrins Haute Alpes». Since then, he organises national and international races. He has been a member of the Management Committee since 2015.

ESCODA, Bernat

HUDEC, Miroslav


Miroslav Hudec is an experienced and certified paediatric surgeon and an excellent skier and hiker.



Medical Commission President



Carron Scrimgeour is a Medical Trainer of the team “Wilderness Mountain Training” for Mountain emergency medicine since 2014. He is an passionate athlete and practices Ski Mountaineering in a national British team since 2006. He is also a member of the «Infremmont» association specialised in mountain medicine. He has been a member of the ISMF Medical Commission since 2017.