Rules Commission


The Regulations Commission combines the ISMF technicians and the competent persons regarding ski mountaineering competitions. Everyone is a present actor of the ski mountaineering, who closely follow the evolution of the sporting events, competitions, examinations, races and equipment.

The aim to combine these personalities is to maintain the level of ski mountaineering in competition as high as possible.


Referee Manager



A skimo lover since 1996, when he began a skimo course in the Catalan Mountain Club. He has been racer in national circuits, organiser of several Spanish Campionships, volunteer in the Val Aran World Championships (2004) and in the Andorran European Championships (2005) and Manager of Ski Mountaineering in Catalonia from 2006 to 2016. In 2005 he become an ISMF referee and he joined the International Skimo family. From 2013, he is the ISMF Referee Manager. He has been President of the Jury in various World Championships and Continental Championships, Referee course instructor, Technical advisor, permanent guest of the ISMF Council and member of the Rules commission. In addition he is Coordinator of the ISMF Technical Group since January 2018.

Athlete representative



Maximilien Drion Du Chapois is born in 1997 in Belgium and moved to Switzerland in 2008. Since 2008 he is deeply passionate by mountains. This is the reason why in summer he participates in mountain running races and in winter in ski mountaineering competitions. At international level, he is competing for Belgium. Apart from sport, he is studying economics at the University of Lausanne. Maximilien Drion Du Chapois has been the Athlete Representative Man in the ISMF Council since March 2019.

Coach representative



Endurance sports is the passion of Josef Gruber. After his international career as logistics and process manager he graduated as sports scientist in sports management and training. In his sports career he competed in more than ten ironman races with excellent results, participated twice in gigathlon and completed several ski mountaineering and ultra trail races. With his sports agency he organises several triathlon and running events during summer and offers personal coachings and courses. Since 2016 he is the sports coordinator of skimountaineering of the Austrian Ski Federation (OESV) and fully responsible for the athletes, their training and races, marketing and sponsorship, education, youth programmes. The principles of his life are: 'everything is possible' and 'always think positive'! Josef Gruber has been the ISMF Coach Representative since March 2019.

Coach representative



Ski mountaineering is defining the life of Malik Fatnassi. As qualified Skimo trainer and ski instructor he spends his time leading the Swiss national youth team, forming Skimo instructors and developping the ski mountaineering in Switzerland. With passion and always bearing in mind a quote of Mark Twain: I did not know it was impossible so I did it. he is working for the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) since 2013. Malik Fatnassi has been the ISMF Coach Representative for Youths since March 2019.

Event Manager

CAVALLO, Roberto


He has developed a strong educational background experiences in sports. He was actively involved in the organisation of the 3rd Ski Mountaineering World Championships, which took place in the Cuneo area in 2006. Thanks to this opportunity, he was elected ISMF General Secretary in 2011. He worked in close collaboration with the ISMF President Armando Mariotta until 2017, when the ISMF gave him the charge of General Manager, a role that guarantees coordination and strong cooperation with the ISMF President, the Board and the whole Staff.

Council Member

DUPONT, Pierre


Since 1980, Pierre Dupont has joined the military academy of high mountain of Chamonix (France). In 1994, with some friends he created a ski mountaineering race: the Ubaye. He became a member of the FFME in 2001 and in 2007 was elected President of the club Team Ecrins Haute Alpes. Since then, he organises national and international races. He is a member of the Council since 2015 and in 2019 he has been elected Vice-President Sport & Events.

Recognised authority

MANSIOT, Olivier


He is National Technical Advisor for FFME and in charge of the French Ski mountaineering events and rules (100 events each year with 10 major events as national championships, national cups and international events). He is skimo and mountaineering instructor, race director, coordinator of the French referees group, member of the Jury as mountain guide probative for ENSA (French national school of mountain guide) and member of the Jury for climbing (DE Escalade). For ISMF he is member of the Jury for World Cups, Referee course instructor, Technical Advisor for international competitions and member of the Technical Group. In addition, he is a professional mountain guide (author of 30 first ascent in the Alps and Himalaya) and member and writer of the review panel for ANENA (French national association for avalanches and snow study).