Antidoping/True Ski

Anti-Doping Commission

The ISMF Anti-Doping assists member associations to implement the Code and the Anti-Doping Policy and Procedure. It adopts and implements the World Anti-Doping (WADA) Programme in its entirety and is responsible for ensuring that all its member associations and athletes respect and comply with the Code, all relevant International Standards and all the principles inherent to the Code.



  • Develop and maintain ISMF doping control programme including in and out of competition testing, result based testing, random testing and targeted testing.
  • Establish and maintain the Registered Testing Pool (RTP), identifying those who need to provide their whereabouts.
  • Development and maintenance of ISMF Anti-Doping Policy and Procedure and ensure compliance with the WADA code.
  • Develop ISMF anti-doping education and information programme for all stakeholders (Coordinate education with Member Association and NADOs- National Association of Development Organizations). Focus education for Member Countries with recognition of NADO).
  • Member Association education and assist in implementation of ISMF
  • Anti-Doping Policy and Procedure
  • Producing an annual report on ISMF Anti-Doping activities
  • WADA and NADO communication

MEIER, Regula


Regula Meier obtained the Plussport certification course in skiing with blind and visually impaired persons. For almost 12 years she has been working in various functions for the SAC-CAS in the area of ski mountaineering competitions. She is an active referee and technical delegate for the ISMF. Trained youth and sports leader in ski and snowboard, she has also achieved a great experience in winter and summer mountaineering. She is Member of the Council and Antidoping Manager since 2017.

DIKIC, Nenad


AD Manager, Professor Nenad Dikic, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Management, Singidunum University, Belgrade. Founding Director of Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia. President of Clean Game. Past President of the Anti-doping commission of International mountaineering association (UIAA), Active in many other International federations (IWWF, FIBA, UEFA, IRL, ISF, IHF). Specialist in internal medicine, baromedicine and sports medicine. Writer of more than 30 scientific and fiction books, as well as many scientific articles. Recreational mountaineer and scuba dive master.



Doping Control Officer. Marija Andjelkovic, PhD, MD, International Olympic Committee Diploma of sports nutrition, professor at Colleague of Sports and Health, Belgrade, Serbia. Working in Anti-Doping Agency of the Republic of Serbia as an RTP and TUE Manager. WADA Athlete Outreach Team at the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010, DCO at the Summer Olympic Games in London in 2012, the first European Games in Azerbaijan in 2015 and at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio. President of UIAA Antidoping Commission, UEFA Doping Control Officer, FIBA Supervisory doctor, EA Doping Control Delegate.