The “White Circus” of the ISMF World Cup arrives in German territory for the first time


A Vertical as well as an Individual and a Sprint race will take place in Berchtesgaden


Lausanne, 6th February 2020 – For the first time ever, a stage of the ISMF World Cup will take place in Berchtesgaden (Germany), where one of the most famous national Ski mountaineering races, the Jennerstier, has been held for many years.

This stage will have athletes from 18 National Federations at the starting line and, after the cancellation of the Chinese leg in Wanlong, the recovery of the Vertical race will take place in Germany, on Friday afternoon. On Saturday morning the spectators will have the opportunity to enjoy the classic Individual race while the spectacular Sprint race will take place on Sunday morning. The competitions are organised in the Jenner ski resort.

Although the weather conditions were unfavourable during the first days of the week, the current forecast announces stable and sunny weather for the weekend.

For the Vertical race, the athletes will have to face around 600 metres of positive altitude difference along a very technical track with some challenging slopes. The Women’s race will start at 12.40 p.m., while the Men will start immediately after.

For the Individual race, on the other hand, the ISMF referees are planning a very technical and spectacular competition track in agreement with the safety officers of the Local Organising Committee, after the snowfall and the strong wind of the past few days and always bearing in mind the safety of athletes and insiders.

The technical characteristics of this race are: around 1600 metres of positive height difference divided in five ascents, of which the first and the last will include two parts on foot with the skis in the backpack.

The skimo élite will return on the track on Sunday morning for the Sprint race, whose headquarters is located at the arrival of the intermediate station of the Jenner ski resort.



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