The week of the WÜRTH MODYF ISMF World Cup finals ended with the Sprint race


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The week of the WÜRTH MODYF ISMF World Cup finals ended with the Sprint race


As predicted, Emily Harrop of France and Arno Lietha of Switzerland won both today’s race and the Sprint Specialty Cup.


Lausanne, 9 April 2022 – The race held this morning also served to determine the winners of the Overall ranking. The results show that Emily Harrop (FRA) and Michele Boscacci (ITA) are the winners of the most prestigious trophy, reserved for the most performing and versatile athletes.

For logistical reasons, related to the weather conditions, the ISMF Technical Jury preferred to split the race of the youngsters from the Senior’s one. Late yesterday afternoon, in the pouring rain and beaten by a strong wind, the athletes of the U20 category have made the qualifications from which the six finalists emerged. Caroline Ulrich of Switzerland and Luca Tomasoni of Italy were the first to cross the finish line. Thibe Deseyn (SUI) and Maria Costa Díez (ESP) finished in second and third position respectively, while the male podium was completed by Noé Rogier (FRA) and Finn Hösch (GER).

This morning at 11:00, under a heavy snowfall, it was the turn of the Senior and U23 categories who yesterday afternoon gained access to the quarter finals through the best qualifying times. The track partly followed the one tested in the 2021 World Cup edition, even if last year it was a little less technical in the descent. On the other hand, today’s weather was at its worst, making life difficult for athletes and insiders.

Emily Harrop finished first ahead of Marianna Jagercikova of Slovakia and Léna Bonnel of France, while Arno Lietha is today’s winner followed by Oriol Cardona Coll (ESP) and Daniel Zugg (AUT). Regarding U23 women, the podium was once again all Italian, with Lisa Moreschini, Katia Mascherona and Samantha Bertolina. Among U23 men, Robin Galindo (FRA) achieved the highest step of the podium, while Matteo Favre and Patrick Perreten, both of Switzerland, finished in second and third place respectively.

The race week in Flaine, France, also marks the end of a very long international ski mountaineering season. Starting from today afternoon, staff and athletes will enjoy a well-deserved rest in view of a new ISMF World Cup that promises to be full of news. Stay Tuned!!!


Senior Women: 1. Emily Harrop (FRA) p. 490; 2. Marianna Jagercikova (SVK) p. 419; 3. Léna Bonnel (FRA) p. 360.
Senior Men: 1. Arno Lietha (SUI) p. 461; 2. Oriol Cardona Coll (ESP) p. 450; 3. Hans-Inge Klette (NOR) p. 327.
U23 Women: 1. Katia Mascherona (ITA) p. 461; 2. Samantha Bertolina (ITA) p. 352; 3. Justine Tonso (FRA) p. 341.
U23 Men: 1. Giovanni Rossi (ITA) p. 427; 2. Matteo Favre (SUI) p. 419; 3. Florian Ulrich (SUI) p. 372.
U20 Women: 1. Maria Costa Díez (ESP) p. 415; 2. Silvia Berra (ITA) p. 392; 3. Caroline Ulrich (SUI) p. 326.
U20 Men: 1. Robin Bussard (SUI) p. 448; 2. Marco Salvadori (ITA) p. 351; 3. Oriol Olm Rouppert (AND) p. 319.


Senior Women: 1. Emily Harrop (FRA) p. 1191; 2. Axelle Gachet-Mollaret (FRA) p. 988; 3. Giulia Murada (ITA) p. 902.
Senior Men: 1. Michele Boscacci (ITA) p. 890; 2. Thibault Anselmet (FRA) p. 871; 3. Oriol Cardona Coll (ESP) p. 788.
U23 Women: 1. Katia Mascherona (ITA) p. 1238; 2. Samantha Bertolina (ITA) p. 922; 3. Perrine Gindre (FRA) p. 814.
U23 Men: 1. Paul Verbnjak (AUT) p. 1065; 2. Giovanni Rossi (ITA) p. 901; 3. Matteo Sostizzo (ITA) p. 894.
U20 Women: 1. Caroline Ulrich (SUI) p. 1039; 2. Silvia Berra (ITA) p. 975; 3. Manuela Pedrana (ITA) p. 882.
U20 Men: 1. Robin Bussard (SUI) p. 1117; 2. Thomas Bussard (SUI) p. 1082; 3. Anselme Damevin (FRA) p. 825.


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