The ISMF World Cup circuit lands in China


Three competitions are scheduled: Individual race, Vertical race and Sprint race

It will start on Wednesday 20th February


Lausanne, 18th February 2019The fourth stage of the ISMF World Cup lands in China, precisely in the location of Lake Songhua Ski Resort, in the province of Jilin, with three races planned.

It will start on Wednesday with the Individual race, then the next day the athletes will be put under pressure by the Vertical race, while the Sprint race will take place on Friday morning.

Concerning the Individual race, the ISMF referees and the technical staff currently in China, have organised a track of about 1600 metres of positive difference in height with 6 ascents and as many descents. On Thursday morning the racers will compete in the Vertical race, a only uphill race with a positive difference in altitude of 650 metres. Instead on Friday morning, the day of the away race of this long trip in China, the Sprint race will take place. Surely it will be a spectacular and full of adrenaline competition that will intrigue the many skiers who will crowd Lake Songhua Ski Resort.

«For the first time in this competitive season we will have a stage of the World Cup with three competitions. The International Federation strongly believes in the promotion of ski mountaineering in Asia. For this reason we wanted to bring some international referees to support the technical staff, in addition to providing the Local Organising Committee with the official referees» declares the ISMF General and Event Manager Roberto Cavallo.

Mr Zhang Yaohua, the Race Director of the new project department of Chinese Mountaineering Association (CMA) affirms «China has already hosted an ISMF World Cup event in 2018 and the results have been remarkable. As we know, ISMF World Cup is one of the most important ski mountaineering event around the world and holding it again this year in Asia is an excellent opportunity to attract more people to participate in this sport. In effect, with the development and the popularisation of ski mountaineering in Asia and in China, more and more people practise skimo.

The reason why we chose Lake Songhua Ski Resort to host this event, on the one hand, is due to the support from the location, since it attaches great importance to the development of ski mountaineering. On the other hand, Lake Songhua Ski Resort is rich of ski trails and this element can meet the needs of all kinds of people. The quality of the snow here is very good and the tracks are very suitable for carrying out skiing and mountaineering activities. Moreover it has a good restaurant area, an accommodation area, a rest area, etc., with complete hardware and software facilities.

Lake Songhua Ski Resort is situated in the northeast of China, where in winter there are a lot of useful resources for skiing. In addition the advantage of the natural environment creates an unique ski scenery and in particular Lake Songhua Ski Resort is very beautiful and pleasant, usually with a good weather».

In the Overall World Cup Ranking after three stages, among Women, the Spanish Claudia Cotrina Galicia leads with 480 points, followed by the Swiss Marianne Fatton with 369 points and the Italian Alba De Silvestro with 335 points.

Instead, among Men, Robert Antonioli (ITA) is in the first position with 435 points ahead of his compatriot Michele Boscacci with 270 points. In third position there is Marti Werner (SUI) with 244 points, while Iwan Arnold (SUI) and Matteo Eydallin (ITA) are respectively fourth and fifth.

At the end, the Juniors Overall World Cup Ranking is temporary dominated by the Italian Samantha Bertolina and the Swiss Aurélien Gay.


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