The ISMF formalises the collaboration with La Grande Course until the 2025/26 season


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Partnership ISMF and LGC


The ISMF formalises the collaboration with La Grande Course until the 2025/26 season


Lausanne/Mondovì, 19 July 2021 – After last year’s test event, Pierra Menta 2021, ISMF and LGC extend their partnership to organise the World Championships Long Distance Team. The event of the coming season will be held at the occasion of the “Tour du Rutor” in Valle d’Aosta, Italy from 31 March to 2 April 2022.

The main objective of the multi-year agreement between the two organizations is the promotion of ski mountaineering competitions at an international level, giving the value of “World Championships Long Distance Team” to one of the events belonging to the LGC circuit and including it in the ISMF calendar. The event has to be in compliance with the sporting rules and directives of the ISMF, which represents the umbrella under which all the international skimo races are placed.

Furthermore, the ISMF and LGC commit themselves to respect the Olympic Charter – the codification of the fundamental principles of Olympism, and the rules and by-laws adopted by the International Olympic Committee. Furthermore, they will promote a shared programme related to the fight against doping.

Specific agreement with the local race organiser

In parallel with the ISMF/LGC agreement, a second contract will be concluded every year between the ISMF and the respective local organising committee related to the event in question. It will include all necessary information for its execution in all organisational sectors of competence.

Roberto Cavallo, the ISMF’s General & Event Manager, affirms: “The skimo family represented by the ISMF is extremely proud to present this renewed collaboration with La Grande Course after some years of pause. The main reason that led the two parties to decide to re-establish the partnership for the organisation of a joint World Championship is the goal to create a single global skimo community. In particular, it is intended allowing top athletes to compete in more worldwide events at an increasingly high level.”

Last year’s test event, which was reduced to a single day of competition due to the Covid pandemic, has confirmed that an effective cooperation will create events of high quality. The intention now is to propose the same format of the classic event hosting the World Championships Long Distance Team.



Roberto Cavallo, ISMF General Manager,, +39 335 5745945


About the ISMF

Founded in 2007, the International Ski Mountaineering Federation ISMF is the global governing body for ski mountaineering competitions. Since 2016, the organization is officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee IOC. Its main goals are the promotion, regulation and development of the ski mountaineering sport worldwide. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, the ISMF’s membership consists of 38 national mountaineering or ski sports federations in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The ISMF organizes ski mountaineering World Cups events and World Championships. For the first time, ski mountaineering has been a medal sport at the 2020 Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne, Switzerland, and has recently been included in the programme of the Olympic Winter Games Milano Cortina 2026.


About La Grande Course

Six world-famous events, six classic races for true ski-mountaineering gourmets. The world’s top runners, the entire skimo community, a uniquely enthusiastic public, in some of the loveliest and most breathtaking locations in the Alps. It is here that the word ski-mountaineering takes on its true significance. Steep slopes, vertical couloirs and technically challenging descents are the basic ingredients of this sport. Team spirit and tow-rope camaraderie play a very important role: in fact, there is no individual racing in this competition and each race is run by teams of two or three athletes. Only the overall Grande Course time classification is individual, so competitors can race each event with any companion they choose, regardless of nationality.  


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