The ISMF announces the World Cup finals in Madonna di Campiglio, Italy


Looking back at the beginning of the season, it seemed impossible to overcome this challenging year due to the worldwide pandemic. Instead, now we are here, excited to confirm the last stage of the ISMF World Cup where the Individual, Vertical and Sprint specialty finals will take place in Madonna di Campiglio in Italy with its national partner FISI, “Federazione Italiana Sport Invernali“. The races will be held from 25 to 28 March in the Trentino’s location where exciting competitions are expected in order to conquer the most coveted title in the World Cup: the Overall World Cup Champion.

“It is a happy conclusion of this international ski mountaineering season: although the calendar was really very rich, all the events were held in the best possible conditions and in full compliance with the country’s covid-19 regulations and those drawn up by our International Federation” says the ISMF Vice-President of Sport Pierre Dupont. Furthermore, he announces that the next season will not be outdone in terms of the number of competitions and events: “We really have to thank all the organisers of this year, who did not give up and gave some spectacular and safe races apart from the challenges that the Covid-19 brings with it”.

The latest Italian Decree dated March 2, 2021 does not change from the point of view of the organisation of international competitions, therefore the stage is confirmed except in cases of force majeure.


Technical information:

Full details regarding COVID-19 requirements & tests on site, accommodation & meals, accreditation etc. are available in the protocol prepared by the 3Tre Campiglio Committee:


Summary of the most important information inside the Booklet:


  • COVID-19 test for the Event: please note that the test COVID-19 requested by the LOC is the RT-PCR test only, which relevant result must be not older than 48 hours before arriving to Madonna di Campiglio.
  • COVID-19 test to return the home country: full details in the booklet, to book by 19 March 2021 at 
  • Mask: FPP2 mask only

Accreditation by Gform:


Programme of the event:

  • The indicative programme at the following link, but the ISMF would like to remind that it can be subjected to possible changes in the weeks to come.


Roberto Cavallo, General & Event Manager,, +39 3355745945

About the ISMF

Founded in 2007, the International Ski Mountaineering Federation ISMF is the global governing body for ski mountaineering competitions. Since 2016, the organization is officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee IOC. Its main goals are the promotion, regulation and development of the ski mountaineering sport worldwide. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, the ISMF’s membership consists of 38 national mountaineering or ski sports federations in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The ISMF organizes ski mountaineering World Cup events and World Championships. For the first time, ski mountaineering has been a medal sport at the 2020 Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne Switzerland. The ISMF’s ambition is to become an Olympic sport by the 2026 Winter Games in Milano-Cortina, Italy.

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