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List of ISMF events (220)


24 Jan 2015
Dogtooth Dash
CAN Golden, BC
ISMF North American Series
Individual Senior+Junior www.skintrack.com Races rankings
17 Jan 2015
Individual French Championship - International Open CANCELLE
FRA Chamonix
ISMF European Series
Individual CANCELLED Senior www.ski-alpinisme.com Races rankings
11 Jan 2015
Skialprace Ahrntal
ITA Ahrntal
ISMF European Series
Individual S+E+J+Cadet www.skialprace-ahrntal.com Races rankings
10/12 Jan 2015
Ski Ecrins
FRA Puy Saint Vincent
World Cup
Individual,Sprint & Vertical Sen.+Esp.+Junior www.teamecrinshautesalpes.com Races rankings
06 Dec 2014
Irwin Ski Mountaineering Race
USA Irwin,CO
ISMF North American Series
Individual Senior+Junior www.elkmountainevents.com Races rankings
05/06 Dec 2014
AUT Lienz
ISMF European Series
Sprint+Vertical POSTPONED S+E+J+Cadet www.askimo.at/verband/rennen/1-ismf-series-sprint-race-lienz-oem-spint/ Races rankings
04/08 May 2014
Red Fox Elbrus Race
RUS Mt Elbrus
ISMF Series
Vertical, Individual &Team Senior www.elbrus.redfox.ru Races rankings
26/27 Apr 2014
Kamchatka Ski-Mountaineering Race
RUS Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky
ISMF Series
Team & Individual Senior+Espoir www.alpfederation.ru/journal/news_engl/2014/03/17/5300 Races rankings
25/26 Apr 2014
ISMF Asian Championships-Kamchatka-Russia
RUS Petropavlovsk- Kamchatsky
ISMF Championship
Vertical& Individual S+E+J+Cadet www.alpfederation.ru/journal/news_engl/2014/03/17/5300 Races rankings
12/13 Apr 2014
Blatind Arctic Race
NOR Tromso
World Cup
Sprint & Individual Senior www.arcticrace.no Races rankings
05 Apr 2014
40° Ski Alp Dolomiti di Brenta
ITA Madonna di Campiglio
ISMF Series
Individual Sen.+Jun.+Cadet www.skialprace.com Races rankings
31 Mar 2014
Olympus Ski Mountaineering
GRE Monte Olympus
ISMF Series
Team Race Senior+Espoir www.olympusskimountaineering.com Races rankings
30 Mar 2014
Marmotta Trophy
ITA Val Martello
ISMF Series
Individual S+E+J+Cadet www.marmotta-trophy.it Races rankings
23 Mar 2014
Tre Rifugi
ITA Mondově
ISMF Series
Team Senior+Espoir www.trerifugi.com Races rankings
15/16 Mar 2014
Tydalsnebba Race
NOR Todalen
ISMF Series
CANCELLED Senior+Junior www.todalen.no/randonee/ Races rankings
13/15 Mar 2014
USA Skimo National Championships
USA Crested Butte
ISMF Series
Vertical, Individual & Team Sen.+Esp.+Junior www.elkmountainevents.com Races rankings
07/09 Mar 2014
ISMF North American Championships-Wasatch Powder K
USA Brighton
ISMF Championship
Sprint, Individual & Team Senior www.wasatchpowderkeg.com Races rankings
01/02 Mar 2014
Diablerets 3D
SUI Les Diablerets
World Cup
Individual & Vertical Sen.+Esp.+Junior www.diablerets3d.ch Races rankings
28/02 Mar 2014
Vertical Doss Trofeo Toni Masé - Pinzolo
ITA Pinzolo
ISMF Series
Sprint&Individual races S+E+J+Cadet www.alpingovalrendena.it Races rankings
22/23 Feb 2014
2014 Asian Cup Ski Mountaineering Competition
KOR Gangwon Province
ISMF Series
Vertical& Individual Senior+Junior www.kaf.or.kr Races rankings
14/16 Feb 2014
ISMF European Championships
AND Arcalis Ordino
ISMF Championship
Vertical & Individual S+E+J+Cadet www.fontblanca.ad Races rankings
07/08 Feb 2014
La Pitturina Ski Race
ITA Val Comelico
World Cup
Sprint & Individual Sen.+Esp.+Junior www.lapitturina.it Races rankings
25/26 Jan 2014
FRA Courchevel
World Cup
Individual & Vertical Sen.+Esp.+Junior www.courchevelsportsalpinisme.fr Races rankings
18/19 Jan 2014
Verbier Val de Bagnes
SUI Verbier Val de Bagnes
World Cup
Individual & Vertical Sen.+Esp.+Junior www.verbier2015.ch Races rankings
12 Jan 2014
Skialp Race Ahrntal
ITA Valle Aurina
ISMF Series
Individual Sen.+Jun.+Cadet www.skialprace-ahrntal.com Races rankings
07 Dec 2013
Irwin La Sportiva Skimo Race
USA Crested Butte
ISMF Series
Individual Senior+Junior www.elkmountainevents.com Races rankings
14 Apr 2013
Pizolada delle Dolomiti
ITA Moena
ISMF Series
Individual Sen.+Esp.+Junior www.lapizolada.com Races rankings
13/14 Apr 2013
Blatind Arctic race
NOR Tromso
World Cup
Sprint + individual Senior www.arcticrace.no Races rankings
06 Apr 2013
Kamchatka Ski-Mountaineering Race
RUS Pertopavlovsk - Kamchatsky
Assessment Race
Team + Individual Senior www.ismf-ski.org/intranet/uploaded/Registration/kamchatka2013.pdf Races rankings
01 Apr 2013
Dolomiti di Brenta
ITA Madonna di Campiglio
ISMF Series
Team + Individual S+E+J+Cadet www.sportcampiglio.com Races rankings