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Last January WADA announced the realease of a new eLearning platform, ADeL which is a central hub for eLearning courses and resources.

Last January the World Anti-Doping Agency announces the release of a new eLearning platform, ADeL (Anti-Doping eLearning), which will serve as a central hub for all of WADA’s eLearning courses and resources.

ADeL is being released with the following five courses focused on key target groups:

  1. The Athlete Learning Program about Health and Anti-Doping
  2. Coach True
  3. Sport Physicians Tool Kit
  4. ADO Kickstart (for administrators and new ADO employees)
  5. Parents’ Guide

The user benefits of ADeL are many, including having one account and one sign-in for all anti-doping eLearning resources. The platform is tailored for each user, ensuring a bespoke experience designed for each person’s specific needs.

In addition, ADeL can be accessed on different formats and devices, including phones and tablets. Users will also be able to demonstrate competence with each course by acquiring a certificate following a test.

The benefits of ADeL for ADOs include a user-management function that will allow NADOs and International Federations to monitor and manage users under their jurisdiction. An enhanced language translation package has also been developed as part of ADeL to allow stakeholders to view content in their own language. Initially, the resource will be available in five languages with seven more coming in due course.

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