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Medical Commission rules

Proposal for rules: (to be used as recommendations only for season 2018-2019)
To be applied to all ISMF races (Individual, Sprint, Vertical, Relay)

Measurement of temperatures and wind speed

The race technical director ensures that an accurate temperature and wind speed is taken by a race official with certified measuring equipment (existe-t il une norme?)

Wind speed= fastest speed recorded over a minute, in an exposed place of the transition are, recorded in km/hour. The measurement are to be rounded up ( ie -13° becomes -10° when reading on the chart)
Actual Air temperature: temperature in  °C recorded out of the wind and the sun. Rounded up.
Wind Chill Temperature: this is the adjusted temperature as relayed by the chart.

This is to be obtained 20 minutes before the official start of the race.
If the race start is delayed, then the temperatures and wind speed must be re-assessed 20 minutes before the next provisional start time.

The measurements are done on the start area, the finish area and the high point of the race.
The high point is defined as the transition area at the highest altitude on the course.
The race director must then cross-reference the air temperature and wind speed on the ‘wind chill’ chart. He thus obtains the Wind chill temperature of the three points: start, high point, finish.

  • If the Wind Chill Temperature is in the  minus 10 °C to minus
    25 °C range (the moderate risk, Orange on the chart)  at any point on the course, recommendations regarding cold weather
    protection should be made available to the participants. Under such
    conditions it is the responsibility of the participants to seek the information
    and to follow the recommendations given by the organiser.
  • If the Wind Chill Temperature is colder than minus 25 °C at any of the three measurement points, the race must not start.
    • the competition can be delayed (if it is reasonably expected that temperature will rise during the course of the day) and further measurements done every 30 minutes.
    • The competition must be cancelled if the weather forecast does not expect the temperatures to rise significantly or the wind to die down.



Presentation of the Medical Commission President Carron Scrimgeour during the 2019 ISMF Plenary Assembly in Antalya (Turkey)

Medical questionnaire for athletes – English version