Just one word: Sustainability!

The ISMF and its engagement in this important topic


The International Ski Mountaineering Federation (ISMF) and all the National Federations are aware of current environmental problems and would like to collaborate in order to find a solution.

For this reason, in 2013 the ISMF created a Committee for the Environment to work independently towards the objective of protecting the natural environment where ski mountaineering events are held, and also to help the Local Organisers (LOC) ensure environmental protection. In fact, the ISMF has stipulated an environmental policy that is obligatory on the part of LOCs if they want to be validated and incorporated into the official calendar.

Since 2014, the ISMF has taken the sustainability project to heart, creating a special Sustainability Commission, led by its President Esteve Jaume, who with his assiduous work and dedication still carries out this task. This Commission has been working on a Sustainable Guideline and also on a Handbook with the aim to facilitate the LOCs in their Sustainable plan and evaluation. The project has been selected by the IOC to make part of their Sustainability Case Studies Programme. Finally, the ISMF Milan Forum will dedicate a 2 hour session workshop on the topic of sustainability in order to facilitate the implementation of our concepts at the 2019 World Cup. The appointment is for Saturday October the 13th at the Federazione Italiana Sport Invernali headquarters in Milan.

All these documents will soon be available by consulting the ISMF official website:

Armando Mariotta, the ISMF President declares: «Nowadays, a successful event can be considered as such only if organised in compliance with the precepts of sustainable politics. Respect and love for the world and the social, economic and environmental repercussions of sport have always been written in each skimo lover’s DNA».

In fact, the main words to create a sustainable sporting event are: self-sufficiency, prevention, eco-responsibility, proximity and shared responsibility. It is necessary to remember and, above all, to put them into practice.

In addition, it is significant to underline that the ISMF project about sustainability has been mentioned during the 21st Meeting of High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (2018 HLPF) of ONU on the last 17th July, when Andorra presented his Voluntary Report concerning the Agenda 2030 at the UN Plenary Assembly.

After the Andorran Foreign Office and Sustainability Minister’s speech, Mr Jaume Esteve as President of the Andorran Mountain Federation and Fontblanca’s LOC, had the opportunity to explain to the UN Assembly a practical of sustainability concepts implementation, with a large reference to our ISMF programme.


It is also possible to watch the video of Jaume Esteve contribution by clicking here (min 15 to min 20)


Sustainability is essential and the ISMF knows it!

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