Armando Mariotta began as a Skimo Instructor in 1979. President of the Saluzzo (Italy) Section of the Italian Alpine Club for 12 years, he developed great skills in organizing climbing and Skimo courses and meetings with public authorities to raise money for sport development. In 1991 he founded, with the other members, the CISAC (International Committee for Ski Competitions) and he was elected Treasurer of the Foundation until the CISAC was included in the ISMC (International Council for Ski Competitions). Member of the ISMC Management Committee, under the UIAA. He has been the President of the ISMF since 2011.

Representative from North America Council



David Dornian coordinates ski mountaineering competitions for the ACC and is currently serving a term as a board member of the Canadian Avalanche Association. He has been managing ski and mountaineering trips with the club for more than 15 years, and misses the tent-based camps. For several years he has been the President of the North American Council.

Representative from Member Association

DUPONT, Pierre


Since 1980, Pierre Dupont has joined the military academy of high mountain of Chamonix (France). In 1994, with some friends he created a ski mountaineering race, the «Ubaye». He became a member of the FFME in 2001 and in 2007 was elected president of the club «Team Ecrins Haute Alpes». Since then, he organises national and international races. He has been a member of the Management Committee since 2015.

Representative from Member Association



Jaume Esteve is an active volunteer in all the mountaineering ski competitions held in Andorra. He has been involved in the organisation of the Andorra Ultra Trail since the first edition (2009) and was elected President of the Andorran Mountaineering Federation in 2014. Currently, he is the delegate of the Mountain Federation at the COA (Olympic Andorran Committee). He has been a member of the Management Committee since 2015.

Athlete representative Men



At the age of three, Jakob Herrmann moved with his family to Werfenweng, a small village in the mountains in south of Salzburg. His mum took him hiking and created the best conditions for his future career. He came in third place at the Austrian Championship Vertical race in 2014 and placed fifth at the World Championship Relay race in 2015.

Web Master



Alain has been involved in ski mountaineering since 1999. He trained in the Pyrenees, where he lived until 2013. He participated in competitions at the regional level until 2003. Alain was responsible for organising the Derby3000 ski mountaineering competition with Pierre Dollo from 1999 to 2010. He supervised ski mountaineering from 2002 to 2012 in the mountain club of Tarbes, when Dollo was the president. He received two ISMF World Cups in 2005 and 2010. He met the ISMF in 2002 thanks to Dollo, during the first World Championships in Serre Chevalier. He did his ISMF referee training in 2003/2004. As he is an independent computer engineer, the ISMF offered him to be responsible for rankings and the website since 2008.

Vice President Sport&Events

LóPEZ, Lluís


Lluís López was a great Spanish athlete in the late 70s and early 80s and he got the podium in the best races of those years. Ski Mountaineering and climbing instructor, he carried out important mountaineering, climbing and ski mountaineering experiences outside Europe such as in Africa, Asia, North and South America and also at the Arctic Circle. At present he is the General Director of FEDME. He was the General Secretary of the ISMC until 2007, then he was elected President of the ISMF (2007-2011). He has been the ISMF VP Treasurer (2011-2015) and VP for Sport and Events since 2015.

Representative from Member Association

MEIER, Regula


Regula Meier obtained the «Plussport» certification course in skiing with blind and visually impaired persons. For almost 10 years she has been working in various functions for the SAC-CAS in the area of ski mountaineering competitions. She is an active referee and technical delegate for the ISMF. Trained youth and sports leader in ski and snowboard, she has also achieved a great experience in winter and sumemr mountaineering. She has been Member of the Management Committee and Antidoping Manager since 2017.

Referees Manager



A SKIMO lover since 1996, when he began a skimo course in the Catalan Mountain club. He has been a racer, an organiser, a volunteer and a manager of Ski Mountaineering in Catalonia. In 2005 he organised the ISMF referee course (IMSC) and he joined the International Skimo family. From 2011, he is the ISMF Referee Manager.

Vice President Mktg & Communication

MOSSO, Marco


Marco Mosso is the President of the Valdostan Regional Committee of the FISI (ASIVA). Over the past years he had the role of Commander of the Sport Activities Department of the Alpine Training Center and Commander of the winter sports section of the Italian Army Sports Center in Courmayeur (AO). He is a National Instructor of Mountaineering and Ski Mountaineering recognized by the Italian Alpine Club, and Alpine Ski Instructor recognized by the Italian National College of Ski Instructors. He was a member of the Management Committee and is currently the ISMF Vice President Marketing & Communication since 2015.

ISMF Technical Director


Athlete representative Women

ROUX, Laetitia


Laetitia Roux discovered ski mountaineering when she was 9, thanks to her dad who practiced cross-country skiing. 17 times World Champion in all disciplines, 9 titles of European Champion and 25 French Championship titles. Since 2012, she has been recognised as a high-level athlete by the French Gendarmerie.

Representative from Asian Continental Council

YOO, Han Kyu