KAEHR, Thomas


Thomas Kaehr is a Swiss national and trained lawyer. He was elected ISMF President in 2019. Thomas has been a former Vice-President of the International Climbing and Mountaineering Association UIAA and spent seven years as President of a local section of the Swiss Alpine Club SAC. Thomas has also been a member of SAC's Technical Ski Mountaineering Commission. He works as a consultant in Corporate Communications and Branding. Furthermore, he is a passionate photographer. The passion for the mountains led Thomas to set some ambitious goals, notably the scaling of various 6,000m peaks in Nepal and 4,000m peaks across the Alps. Furthermore, Thomas scaled Mt Elbrus (Russia) on skis. He still competes in ski mountaineering races and trail running events. Thomas enjoys transmitting his passion for ski mountaineering to others, working with partners to fund activities and developing this exciting sport on a global basis.

General Secretary

LOPEZ, Lluis


Lluis Lopez was a great Spanish athlete in the late 70s and early 80s and he got the podium in the best races of those years. Ski Mountaineering and climbing instructor, he carried out important mountaineering, climbing and ski mountaineering experiences outside Europe such as in Africa, Asia, North and South America and also at the Arctic Circle. At present he is the General Director of FEDME. He was the General Secretary of the ISMC until 2007, then he was elected President of the ISMF (2007-2011). He was the ISMF VP Treasurer (2011-2015) and VP for Sport and Events (2015-2019). He has been elected General Secretary in 2019 during the ISMF Plenary Assembly in Antalya (Turkey).

Vice-President Marketing & Communication

MOSSO, Marco


Marco Mosso is the President of the Valdostan Regional Committee of the FISI (ASIVA). Over the past years he had the role of Commander of the Sport Activities Department of the Alpine Training Center and Commander of the winter sports section of the Italian Army Sports Center in Courmayeur (AO). He is a National Instructor of Mountaineering and Ski Mountaineering recognised by the Italian Alpine Club, and Alpine Ski Instructor recognised by the Italian National College of Ski Instructors. He is a member of the Council and is currently the ISMF Vice President Marketing & Communication since 2015, renewed during the 2019 ISMF Plenary Assembly in Antalya (Turkey).

Vice-President Treasurer



Leo Condrau has reached a very important experience as a mountain climber thanks to many expeditions including Nepal, Andes and Kilimanjaro. He was Tours Chef of the SAC Section Pez Terri from 1989 to 1995 and the President of the SAC Section Pez Terri until 2001. He was member of the board of the SAC-CAS 2003-2011 and responsible for the competition sports (climbing and ski mountaineering). He was a member of the Swiss Climbing Sports commission and the ECSC (European Council for Sports Climbing within the IFSC). Since 2015 he is the ISMF Vice-President and Treasurer.

Vice-President Sport & Events

DUPONT, Pierre


Since 1980, Pierre Dupont has joined the military academy of high mountain of Chamonix (France). In 1994, with some friends he created a ski mountaineering race: the Ubaye. He became a member of the FFME in 2001 and in 2007 was elected President of the club Team Ecrins Haute Alpes. Since then, he organises national and international races. He is a member of the Council since 2015 and in 2019 he has been elected Vice-President Sport & Events.