ISMF prepares for the future


ISMF has launched a process to review its vision, strategy and processes to be ready to cope with the challenges ahead. A project team under the leadership of the ISMF President has started analysing the current situation. It will elaborate strategic options for the future and prepare a strategy for the period of the years 2021 to 2026. The project team is composed by members of the ISMF Council and representatives of athletes, coaches, the ISMF technical group, the ISMF office and external experts.

It will meet again for one-day workshops on March 16 and April 20. The report and the related proposals elaborated by the team will be discussed in the ISMF Council at its meetings on April 3 and June 13. A final presentation will be held at the Plenary Assembly 2020 for decision.

The picture provides an impression of the first workshop of the strategy team in mid-February at POMOCA head offices in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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