A weekend full of events for the ISMF: annual Forum and Referee Forum


Lausanne, 24 November 2019 –  For the ISMF four days (from 21st to 24th November 2019) full of appointments took place in a very snowy Cervinia (Italy) with a great novelty. For the first time the annual Forum and the Referee Forum have been combined in order to create only one big event.

Obviously this decision meant that there was a high presence of people to manage, but this also allowed all the “insiders” of the 2019/2020 season to meet in order to establish the right basis for the collaboration and the teamwork necessary for the months to come. Indeed all referees appointed for the upcoming season, the Council members, the staff and the Local Organising Committees representatives were present with the purpose to understand the right way to realise good skimo events and competitions.

As a result, the appointments were numerous and the meetings took place very quickly,
almost in a continuous cycle, filling in entirely the days available. The dealth with topics focused in particular on the strategy and the structure which the ISMF has to get and maintain for the future. Naturally the World Cup events have been the main core of all speeches, since they represent the heart of the International Federation’s work, but a particular attention has been addressed of course to the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games, which will be held in January.

As has been stated many times, this occasion is only the first step to achieve the great goal of making the ski mountaineering an Olympic spor. All the ISMF staff and collaborators are acting with this objective, knowing that it is a big and difficult dream, but surely reacheable with big efforts like the ones they are conducting at the moment and in the next weeks.

There are two appointments to point with specific interest.

The first one concerned the practical refreshment training for the referees, which has took place on Saturday 23rd November on the slopes of Breuil-Cervinia. In the previous days some members of the ISMF Technical Group prepared a special track for this reason. Also the track and race directors of the various LOCs were required to be present on the snow, since they had to understand, train and exercise how to create good tracks for the races.

The second one, on the other hand, was about the individual meetings held on the same day in the afternoon. As successfully happened in the past years, two parallel sessions were organised in order to have a speech between one LOC at a time and the ISMF Sport Department or Infront Sports & Media agency.

The 2019 ISMF Forum produced brilliant results and now the International Federation looks at the winter season with a renewed awareness that the ski mountaineering represents a lovely sport and the next events will reach wonderful achievements.

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